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Buy 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Online - Authentic Rudraksha with Lab certification

Buy 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Online - Authentic Rudraksha with Lab certification

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As the world is undergoing an immense transformation on the social and technological front, human lives have experienced many impactful positive and negative implications. Consequently, people are turning up on how to course correct the negative implications either through some meditative exercise or putting on spiritual beads — Ek Mukhi Rudraksha.

In fact, these beads have been a source of both materialistic and spiritualistic benefits for human beings from time immemorial. The ancient sages found its potential and they used to wear it to gain superior mental temperament and integrity. However, nowadays getting the one face rudraksha original kind is quite tedious and challenging.

Actually, it has become a Herculean job to get the original one owing to the fact that there are so many vendors who sell fake counterparts of it. Hence, in this article, you will get to know how to find genuine Rudraksha, the significance of putting it on—Ek Mukhi Rudraksha benefits—and some other important aspects of it.

What is One Mukhi Rudraksha: The Gem of Hidden Power?

Although it is extremely beneficial from the spiritual as well as materialistic standpoint, the rewards of possessing it are rather unnoticed instantly. Because it is a gem of God, it tests the patience of the person who puts on the Rudraksha 1 Mukhi pendant or bracelet. As for its interpretation, it comes in the form of a slightly crescent and oval-shaped bead or partly half-moon shape with a rugged surface. The majority of them come in circular form. While the crescent-shaped bead appears to be like a cashew nut, the circular one betel nut.

However, all of them have rugged surfaces around their hard rind irrespective of being oval, crescent, or round. Depending on the shape and size, you can easily identify whether the particular one Mukhi Rudraksha original spiritual constitution is real or fake. 

Insight into Its Power: The Beginning Trend of Rudraksha

Notably, it is a gift of Lord Shiva to the entire humankind. Because during the Primeval period(before the pre-Vedic era or before human existence—Sanatana era) when there were no human beings existed, Lord Shiva did put it on while He meditated to reach eternal consciousness. 

And since then the trend of wearing 1 Mukhi Rudraksha percolated to Ancient sages and started to continue up until now. Now, there is a surge in its demand in the market not only in India but also worldwide due to the fact that many native Europeans and even native Africans are adopting Hinduism as their prime faith and way of life. All of them know the power it gives for spiritual attainment and happiness.

Resultantly, there is a huge increase in the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha price. And therefore, there is a high chance you would end up having to buy fake Rudraksha because the market is full of pseudo or false counterparts of the beads.

The Distinction Between 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Original and Fake One

In the first place, it is essential to understand different kinds of Rudraksha found in different geographical locations. In light of this, Rudraksha happens to be found in Indonesia, Nepal, and India with a variation ranging from 1 to 14 facial beads. Out of these 14 Nepalese Rudraksha happens to be the costliest. 

As for the amount of Rudraksha tree grown worldwide, Indonesia leads in production followed by Nepal, India then Sri Lanka. Despite Indonesia being the largest producer, you would notice that Nepalese Ek Mukhi Rudraksha original price cost the most.

Regarding the identification of the original Rudraksha, you can undertake the following tests:

Close Observation Method

In fact, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the original and fake counterparts of Rudraksha bead because both of them appear to look the same. If you closely inspect the Single Mukhi Rudraksha original piece, you will notice it to have a well-defined groove or so to say the narrow trench lying from one end to another. However, the fake one will have only a shallow cutline which is artificial—hard to make a distinction and identify at first glance.

X-Ray Scan-Radiography

Upon completion of X-Ray scan of Singular Mukhi Rudraksha, you will observe the bead to have compartments in the middle section—the central cell. These compartment(s) will have seeds in it. However, the counterfeited bead will have no such margins or space nor any seeds. Even if any, they would appear to be something else on close inspection.

Horizontal Dissection 

In this method, when you cut the bead horizontally, it would display its inner cell, compartments, or the shaft including its seeds. However, the duplicate counterfeited one will have no such thing though it will appear to look like a real one so but artificially.

Immersion of Beads in Water

When you dip or immerse the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha original seed, it tends to float owing to the fact that it has a compartment and space inside. Even if it dips down the water, it will not soak water and the texture will not lose its actual form. However, the fake one will lose its texture and even dissolve in the water.

The Significance of One Mukhi Rudraksha Original Bead

Needless to mention its importance, it is quite common in religious and spiritual attainment in some faiths, especially Hinduism. As mentioned above, Lord Shiva used to adore it and put it on while meditating for His enlightenment and eternal consciousness. Later sages started adopting the practice of wearing Singular Mukhi Rudraksha that Lord Shiva did.

Because of this practice, the Ancient Indian sages attained their mental strength and knowledge. We still know them and whatever practices they did then and which are relevant even nowadays in relation to their contribution to Indian society.

However, as society has transformed so much these days on account of the desire to accomplish materialistic aspects, people have come to be subjected to some negative implications as well.  Because of this, they are suffering from mental illness and other related sickness.

Despite these consequences, we see a new social trend; the reverse is the case now. In order to evade the unhealthy consequences, they have now started the practice of what Lord Shiva and later on Ancient India Sages did. Hence, there is an upsurge in the one Mukhi Rudraksha original price.

An Insight into Its Significance: A Close Inspection

In light of the increase in demand for Rudraksha, the question might arise as to what led to people owning these beads all of a sudden. Well, there are factors that have resulted in the demand. Obviously, it is due to the fact of its significance and importance illustrated below from a closer inspection standpoint:

  • Possessing or wearing Ek Mukhi Rudraksha endows you with a feeling of devotion to a spiritual connection to cosmic energy.
  • Wearing the bead means that you have a great idolization for God or Lord Shiva who is the supreme command for ultimate mental consciousness.
  • It ideally represents salvation from the cycle of death and rebirth in the universe. 
  • The Rudraksha Ek Mukhi paves the way for prosperity approaching the person who puts it on—materialistic as well as spiritual accomplishments.
  • Ganesh Rudraksha prepares a proper connection between Lord Ganesha’s blessings and the person who puts it on—it ensures success.

The Unparralled Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits: Spiritual, Health-Specific & Materialistic

Undoubtedly, there are a number of advantages to both spiritual and materialistic accomplishments. The most compelling evidence of wearing the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha ascribes to the fact of the practices that sages used to do in ancient times. They wore to attain positive cosmic or spiritual energy. Because of this, they happened to live longer in those days.

However, in ancient times the quantification of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha original price did not come within the purview of economic or financial validation. In fact, in those days, these beads were in abundance. There was indeed a high necessity for people in ancient India to put it on for spiritual attainment: achieving enlightenment, acquiring mental focus, continuing meditation, and so forth.

Quite contrary to the above facts, people in ancient India rarely took an interest in worldly or materialistic accomplishments such as money and property. But people of the current age—nowadays—require both spiritual as well as materialistic aspects of life. In view of this, the 1 mukhi rudraksha price has increased as a result of the awareness among the people about its benefits.

Hence, we have covered the important benefits in the below section that people can achieve upon its possession either in the form of a bead-studded bracelet, ring, or pendant. We have enlisted the benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha in three sections: Spiritual benefits, Materialistic benefits, and Health-related benefits: 

Spiritual Benefits

  • Rudraksha brings in mental clarity; it helps to see the aspects of life more closely and clearly.
  • It invigorates the inner personae of oneself and thus the aura gets enlightened.
  • Ek Mukhi Rudraksha original bead helps you to stay focused and achieve a holistic connection with God.
  • The one who puts on becomes more content with his or her life because they start to live a disciplined life.
  • It helps you to purify the sins that you might have committed unknowingly.
  • Achieving salvation or liberation is another aspect of one Mukhi Rudraksha benefits.
  • It gives positive energy and thwarts the negative and ill power from overpowering the person who wears it.

Materialistic Benefits

  • When you start putting it on, you attain mental strength resultantly your capacity to work increases, and so does the money flow to your wallet.
  • You exude a great sense of inner personae meaning you have more friends. Having more friends means people start following you, and so makes your career to you.
  • The Single Mukhi Rudraksha attracts positive energy; wherever you go, success follows you. Thus, you have command over every materialistic achievement and worldly pleasure.

Health-Related Benefits

  • If you continuously put it on, your Migraine will leave you gradually but permanently.
  • Rudraksha helps you to cure yourself of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc.
  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksha original pendant can assist in getting rid of psychotic and neurotic imbalances.
  • The wearer normally uses to have peace of mind and as a result, such a person does not face any personal inner chaos.
  • Last but not least benefit is that it helps in maintaining body temperature. This helps in proper blood circulation.

Precaution Before Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha For Maximum Benefits?

Above all else, knowing how to put the Rudraksha on is crucial. It requires precision in arranging the pendant, bracelet, or ring studded with bead(s). Because, obviously, you will wear it in the form of a ring, bracelet, or pendant around your neck, wrist, or fingers. Any slight miss on the arrangement of the Single Mukhi Rudraksha original ornament will yield negative implications or results for your life instead of positive benefits. This is the main reason why many people are wary and take sheer precautions before they put it on.

Therefore, it is advisable you consult a specialized advisor or better take advice from an expert Astrologer. The Astrologer has got a specialization in the structure and arrangement of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. 

Carefulness and Precautions: A Closer Look

So, it is imperative to take the following precautions; however, do not forget to take advice from a specialized Astrologer:

  • If you intend to wear it in the form of a pendant, there is a specific number of beads that it should contain—neither less nor more. Otherwise, the reverse is the end result of the one Mukhi Rudraksha price you have to pay.
  • Rudraksha is a synonym for Lord Shiva. So, the best and auspicious day to put it on is on Monday. Take a bath and put on clean clothes before wearing the pendant, bracelet, or ring.
  • There is a particular sermon or chant which is “Aum Namah Shivaya” 108 times. So, sit facing eastward, and chant out this sermon before putting Singular Mukhi Rudraksha on 108 times.
  • Thread the bead(s) with a silk or woolen string and put a cap on the bead with gold or silver metal.
  • You should remember that Rudraksha should make direct contact with your body or body parts.
  • Take advice from a certified Astrologer for the arrangement, structure, and method of wearing. Otherwise, the negative impacts will outweigh 1 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits.


All things considered, Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is so pious and auspicious in itself that whoever puts it on regardless of whatever religious faith you belong to, it bestows blessings for prosperity and wellness. It yields spiritual as well as materialistic wellness to humankind. This is why the single Mukhi Rudraksha original price is rising higher side on the sales trajectory or graph. Because the demand is high, the fake counterparts are flooding the market.

Therefore, it is crucially advisable to check the authenticity of the Rudraksha before purchase. We have mentioned several methods as to how you can check the One  Mukhi Rudraksha original composition. We have also discussed important tips on how to put it on for maximum benefits.

Before we wind up, you should keep in mind that Rudraksha is a synonym for Lord Shiva; however, irrespective of any faith, it is quite beneficial to all who possess it. The single Mukhi Rudraksha price comes to reflects its effects only when you wear it under the strict supervision of any specialized Astrologer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to identify Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?

Well, there are many methods you can employ to identify the authenticity of Rudraksha. The first one among them is simply to observe the texture of the bead minutely. The original bead will have a groove running from one end of the rind to another. Ensuring authenticity is essential to reap the actual single Mukhi Rudraksha benefits. Also, you can immerse the bead to see if it floats or dips downward in the word. The one that goes down might reflect itself as being fake; it will also lose its original texture and shape.

And there are other methods you can use are dissecting the bead horizontally, and performing X-Ray on the Rudrakahs. So it is better to check before even comparing the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha original price and purchase.

Q2. How to wear Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?

To point out, it is not a general ornament meant for beautification or narcissistic people. It is a pious and spiritual bead that is synonymous with Lord Shiva. Hence, proper codes, etiquette, and strict guidelines are there to follow before you put Ek Mukhi Rudraksha on

Actually, you can wear it in the form of a Rudraksha-studded pendant, bracelet, or ring. First of all, you need to take a bath and put on a clean cloth. It is only beneficial when you wear Rudraksha on Monday. Before putting it on, chant out “Aum Namah Shivaya” 108 times facing eastward which is an auspicious direction. With all these practices, you ensure the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha benefits at the maximum level.

Q3. Who can wear Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?

In fact, there is no hard and fast rule as to who can put it on or who else not. It depends on what your intention is of putting it on; what you want to accomplish out of the possession of Rudraksha. If you want to achieve the spiritual aspect of life or materialistic benefits, there are certain rules and instructions that the specialized Astrologer can guide you about how to wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha. Hence, everybody can wear it.

Q4. Who should wear Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?

From a health standpoint, there are immense benefits to wearing Rudraksha. In case someone is suffering from Migraine, it is highly advisable to possess it. It is also extremely helpful to cure mental disturbances or depression and psychotic disorders. Hence, people such as those who suffer from mental health can definitely put Ek Mukhi Rudraksha original pendant.

And if you are looking to attain materialistic benefits, Rudraksha can definitely help you. Now, you might wonder, how? You attain mental clarity, focus, and concentration. This positive change in you results in a strong urge to work more and more. Ultimately, this behavioral change yields fortune in your life. Hence, one Mukhi Rudraksha original price gets you even more than what you pay for it.

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